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Web Links


Here is a link to Clever where you sign in to do iReady.


If you are using your Prodigy account from previous years, once you've logged in, click Update and enter our class code: D720FE.  (That is a zero - not an o).  If you are using your new account, you're already listed in my class.  No need to update anything.


Remember the tournament goes until November 17.  Let's get as many problems solved correctly as we can!

MashUp Math YouTube

This YouTube channel is a great resource to help with different math concepts.

MashUp Math

Math Playground

This is a fun site with games for various levels and skills, including multiplication facts.

Cool Math

Here is another site of math games that several kids already know and enjoy.

Khan Academy

Once your child has his/her login, he/she will be able to login and work on various skills in math and science.  Students can work on the 5th grade mission, practice problems, and watch videos.

Math Flashcards

Here is a site to help with those math facts.  :-)

Number and Operations in Base Ten Vocab

A Fun Way to Multiply Using Lines

Sheppard Software

This site is great for science games, but it also has great games for other subjects and topics.

Utah Education Network

This site has science interactive activites for third through sixth grades.  Check out the fifth grade games!

Quia Battleship

This game is an awesome TCAP review for science!

Science Experiments

This site has a lot of fun science experiments to try for those inquiring minds.

31 Great Science Projects

Here are more great, fun projects for those that like to experiment and play with science.

Science Bob

Here's a fabulous web site for research and experiements.

Cells Cells - Parts of the Cell Rap

Here's the fun song from class about cell parts and their functions.

Crash Course Kids

This YouTube channel has a lot of fun, informational science videos.

Tennessee Academic Vocabulary

Here are some of the main science vocabulary needed to be known in 5th grade.

Credible Sources

NASA for Students

National Geographic for Kids

National Geographic

The Smithsonian



Class code is  T66GZQ


This is the login link to Myon.  Your lunch number is you username and password.  


***Be sure that when putting in your school name that you click on the Community Elementary in the Bedford County District.  There is more than one Community Elementary.

Box Tops App

Here is another, easy way to help our school with Box Tops right from your phone.


Choose our school to link your Kroger card, and we will receive a percentage of your purchases every three months.  Just go to the link and follow the instructions.  Thank you so much for your support!

Go Noodle

Here is a link to Go Noodle.  This is an activity web page where students can sing, dance, relax, excerise, and strengthen their skills.  Feel free to create your own account and play at home!

The Solar Eclipse is Going to be Stranger Than You Think

Why Shouldn't You Look at the Sun?

How to Safely Watch a Solar Eclipse

Why a Total Solar Eclipse is Such a Big Deal

National Geographic Solar Eclipse 101

Eclipse Simulator by City

NASA's Eyes: Eclipse 2017

Phases of the Eclipse

Shadow Bands

Eclipse Time Checker