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Artsonia is a digital gallery that our school utilizes to allow students a technological tool for displaying their artworks in a digital portfolio. 

Student artwork will be kept at the school for grade level and school wide art shows.  Artsonia will allow family to view their students' artwork as it is completed throughout the school year. 

As soon as an artwork is published, an email will be sent to family registered on the cite so that you can see your students' latest work.  Artsonia also has a gift shop section in which you can purchase merchandise with your child's artwork printed on.  I personally have used this for myself and family and I cannot say enough about how sentimental these items are. 

Use of this cite is optional, and requires legal guardian permissions.  It is, however, FREE to use and accessible on any mobile device that can run the Artsonia app or access internet. 

I believe this application really motivates students to take care and pride in their artwork. 


Box Tops
Box Tops for Education

At the BoxTops4Education website, you can see details about product sponsors, submitting bonus boxtops, as well as our school's past earnings.  Your participation in the collection of Box Tops raises money for Community Elementary's Related Arts classrooms: Art, Music, PE, Library, and Guidance.