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School Rules & Classroom Procedures 





 Classroom Procedures

  • Come to the classroom at 7:25 A.M.
  • Turn in homework
  • Get pencil sharpened and paper out
  • Start morning work
  • Follow class schedule
  • Restroom breaks
  • Lunch
  • Restroom breaks
  • Follow class schedule
  • Clean up the room
  • Line up for car riders and bus riders.

Classroom Discipline

  • No talking when visitors are in the room or when the teacher is not present.
  • Listen carefully
  • Follow directions
  • Limit excessive talking
  • Enjoy the day!

Classroom Consequences

  • See the agenda for classroom rules.

Classroom Rewards

  • Popcorn party
  • Talk time
  • Treats
  • Movies
  • Pizza parties
  • Computer time

Student Responsibilities

  • Ask questions
  • Participate in class
  • Listen in class
  • Complete assignment
  • Acquires 9 AR points each nine weeks
  • Get agenda signed
  • Take home graded papers and tests
  • Bring back forms signed the NEXT day
  • Take report cards home and have them signed
  • Ask teacher for any missed assignments
  • Copy homework assignments in the agenda everyday