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School and Class Rules 

School Rules

1.  Be Respectful!

2. Be Responsible!

3. Be Ready!

Class Rules

1. Students will remain quiet when an adult or other student is   speaking.

2. Students will listen and follow all directions.

3. Students will keep hands, feet, and all objects to self.

4. Students will have a GREAT day at school!



Warning—Verbal reminder

Consequence 1—Verbal Warning

Consequence 2—Complete a Think Sheet.

Consequence 3—Lose 15 minutes of free time and parent note

Consequence 4—Lose all play time, visit to the office, and a                                  parent note


Rewards                            Weekly Reward

1. Teacher Helper                                   Friday Lunch Bunch

2. Extra Talk Time                                  Snack Machine

3. Extra Free Time

4. Goody Box

5. Sit by a Friend

6. Positive Note Home

7. Sitting at the teacher’s desk

8. Computer Time