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Weekly Agenda and Activity Schedule 


Parents, please set a time aside for your child to read at least an average of 20 minutes each night.  (A total of 100 minutes per week) If your child reads an hour one night, the requirement is only 40 min. more that week. It is meant to help encourage more reading. 

If your child has lost his/her log, please write a note in his/her agenda and just have them record the information on another sheet of paper. You must sign the log for your child to get credit. I know this can be an difficult at times because of our busy lives. (I have been through this with my own children.) It is necessary in order to ensure quality of reading. Rewards will be given as your child earns AR points. I will try to check the log as much as possible.




The rotating menu for salads and grab and go are as follows:

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays- PB&J grab n go

Tuesday and Thursday- Ham sandwich



To find out the color each day, please look on the calendar link.


Red - Computer Lab


Orange - Library


Yellow - PE


Green - Art


Blue - Music



Violet - PE