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Mrs. Daniel's Kindergarten

Anchors Away to a Great Year!
Viking Values
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Ready



ANCHOR stands for A Nightly Communication, Homework, Organization, and Reading Folder.

These will be take-home folders for the students. Homwork will be located at the back of these folders as well.

In the ANCHOR Folders there will be special places for behavior logs, money and notes sent from home, notes and permission slips sent from school, newsletters, calendars, homework, and sight words.

I ask that these be checked, signed, and returned each day.  This is one of the most important tools of communication between school and home.




Homework  will be sent home at the beginning of each month with the entire month's homework.  I will be checking these weekly to determine each student's progress.  The goal is that sending this homework  home for the month will allow you flexibility in completing it with your child.  If you have a night or two a week that you know is less busy, you may choose to do the majority of it on those nights.  



Smooth sailing to being a good reader!

Practice your sight words.


First 9 Weeks Sight Words

the     of     and     a     to

in     is     you     that     it

he     was     for     on     are

as    with     his     they     I

at     be     this     have     from


Second 9 weeks Sight Words

or     one     had     by     words

but     not     what     all     were

we     when     your     can     said

there     use     an     each     which    

she     do     now     their     if


Third 9 weeks Sight Words

will     up     other     about     out

many     then     them     these     so

some     her     would     make     like

him     into     time     had     look 

two     more     write     go     see


Fourth 9 weeks Sight Words

number     no     way     people     my

than     first     water     been     called

who     am     its     now     find

long     down     day     did     get

come     made     may     part







What We’re Learning

Reading: Rules for Reading

Language: Speaking and Listening Skills
Spelling/Phonics: Letters and sounds

 Writing: Writing names

Math: Numbers 1-10