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Class Expectations

Class Expectations  

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready, and have Fun


This year we will be working on reading and reproducing written music.


Kindergarden-Students will be hearing and reproducing high and low pitches.

                     Students will hear and a reproduce a steady beat will body percussion and musical insltruments.

First Grade-Students will continue to grow in singing skills and playing simple musicla instruments.

Second Grade-Students will begin to recognize notes on the lines and spaces of the treble clef represent changes in highness and lowness     

                     of pitches. Students will begin to understand how the space of the notes tell them how long a sound is made.

Third Grade-The students will learn the names and function of all the musical symbols and begin the process of learning how the symbols

                    tell musicians how the music is suppose to sound.

Fourth Grade-The students will learn the process of playing music from musical notation by learnign to play the recorder.

Fifth Grade-The students will create thier own music by learnign how to put thier creative ideas into musical form.