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Book Donations  

I accept book donations!!  I like to keep a large library in my classroom so students can have a great selection to choose from.  If you have books at home that you would like to get rid of, please consider giving them to me.  Even if you think I cannot use them, I frequently go to McKay's Bookstore to trade books I can't use for some that I can!  I ACCEPT ALL TYPES OF BOOKS!!

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Classroom Fee  

There has been a room fee set for the requested amount of $25.  This money is used to buy supplies that are used in the classroom to enhance teaching.  For example:  paper, printer ink, construction paper, glue, colored pencils, crayons, art paper, etc.

If you cannot pay the full $25 up front, I will also accept it in $5 increments in order to make it easier for your family.

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5th Grade Supply List  

3 packs wide rule filler paper (to start the year with)

1 pack colored pencils or crayons

7 folders with pockets and brads (plastic)

3 glue sticks (to start the year with)

2 sheets of poster board 22" x 28" - white only (please do not fold or roll)

1 clipboard

no rolling backpacks, please

$25 room fee is requested


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Stones River Battlefield (10/25 & 10/26)  

We are planning a field trip to the battlefields in Murfreesboro on October 25 &26!  Due to the large population of 5th grade students this year we have to split it into 2 days.  As time approaches, we will communicate to you which homeroom will be scheduled on which day.  A permission form will also be sent home with your student.  The cost per student will be $3.00  When you receive the form, please complete the form and send in the fee as soon as possible.

Gift Shop rules for this trip:

Due to the size of the gift shop and the number of students attending, we have decided that no student will be visiting the gift shop unless their parent HAS CHECKED THEM OUT AFTER LUNCH.  If we allow every student a chance at the gift shop, we will not make it back to school on time.  If a student is interested in purchasing something, we are encouraging them to revisit the Battlefields with their families and make  a purchase then.

Parents are encouraged to attend this trip if they are able.





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Classroom Facebook Page  

I have created a Facebook page that I try to also maintain in order to send out quick pieces of information.  Please look for it:  Jimmy Yates Classroom.

If you send a request, I will add you as a friend until the end of the year.  At the end of the year I will delete your request so that you will not continue to get these blurbs in your newsfeed that you may not need anymore.

Viking Values  

Overall Expectations

Classroom Rules

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Ready

Listen carefully and be respectful

Follow all directions the 1st time they are given

Work quietly and do not disturb others

Respect each other, be kind with your words and actions

Respect school and personal property

Follow all other school rules

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Classroom Wish List  

Please go to my wish list page.  If you are willing to help I would greatly appreciate it!!

Importance of Reading  

Why Your Child Can’t Skip Their 15 Minutes of Reading Tonight

Jimmy and Lori both have the nightly assignment to read 15 minutes per night.  Jimmy does as his teacher asks of him and reads for 15 minutes each night.  Lori reads, but she only reads about 15 minutes for the whole week (or maybe not at all).

By the end of the school year, Jimmy has read a total of 2,160 minutes (36 hours) and Lori has read a total of 540 minutes (9 hours). 

Which student would you expect to read better?

Which student would you expect to know more?

Which student would you expect to write better?

Which student would you expect to have a better vocabulary?

Which student would you expect to be more successful in school and life?

Which student would you expect to do better on TCAP?

How do you think each student will feel about himself or herself as a learner?

Box Tops for Education  

Please help raise money for your child's school by sending in the BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION coupons that appear on select items.

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Scholastic Book Ordering  


Please consider ordering books for your student from the website below.  The more your child reads, the better their grades will be.  You will also see their vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills increase.  When you order from the website below, my classroom account will receive points so I can increase my classroom library.  If you have ever been in my classroom, you should have noticed the large amount of books I have in my classroom library.  I am always looking to increase the choices for my students to have available to them. Every time I bring more books in the classroom, many of my students jump at the chance to start going through the new selection of books.  So your support in this area is greatly appreciated.

Here is the link:  https://orders.scholastic.com/LMKPC