Lorielle  Carothers Staff Photo

  My education at MTSU ranged from Psychology, Concrete Industry Management, Studio Art, to Art Education.  Going through so many fields of study truly helped me find the right path for my career, in which I have really always known, to work with kids through art. 

  Upon completing my Bachelors in Art Education, with a minor in Phsychology in 2009, my intentions were to get a Masters in Art Therapy.  Art Therapy is a form of therapy allowing visual expression of emotions, in which individuals and/or groups can reflect and address issues relating to any range of things.  Art therapy is for any age and anyone, no matter the depth or range of emotional challenges. 

  After working with adolescents in the Metro Nashville area through the Oasis Center (an at-risk shelter) I quickly realized that I wanted to work with kids more so than adults, because they need so much community and emotional support, as well as being the future of our society.

  I am elated to be the elementary art teacher here at Community Elementary.  This is truly one of the best schools with such a supportive faculty and administration.  Being able to supply students with materials that they can use to express their ideas is very exciting and I hope that all of the students feel like the art room is a place for fun experimentation and expression. 

  Maybe on day I will go after that Masters in Art Therapy, but for now I hope our art room at Community will be a therapeutic place for everyone here.