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Graduated from Middle Tennessee State University 2000, Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education

Graduated from Middle Tennessee State University 2002, Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction



This is my seventeenth year to teach in Bedford County. I love to teach and to make a difference in a child's life!

My goal every single day is to give my best effort to my students. In return, I expect each student's best effort from them when they enter our classroom each day.  Together, we are a team and can achieve anything we set our minds to do!

Where VIKING Pride Begins...

Viking Values:

1. Be respectful.

2. Be responsible.

3. Be ready.



 I am very blessed to be the mommy of two precious little girls. Delaney is in third grade this year at Community. Aubrey is in first grade at Community. Both girls love being at "big" school with Mommy.  I love being a mommy and am grateful every single day for what wonderful blessings they have been in my life!