Safety Management Plan
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Community Elementary   School


Safety Management Plan


January 29, 2016








Table of Contents


Personnel: Crisis Management Team, Principal Designees, and Health Certifications………………………………………………..……3


Purpose of School Safety Plan…………………………………………4


Responding to Extreme Emergencies…………………………………5


Distress Codes and Critical Incident Bags…………………………....6


·        Hard and soft lockdowns………………………...6

·        Medical situation…………………………………...7

·        Fire and bomb threat…………………………………7

·        Chemical spills or hazardous fumes……………8

·        Weather related……………………………….….8-9


Map of Community Elementary School……………………………….10

























Principal Designees:

1st:     Susan Huff        

2nd:    Susan Thurber

3rd:    Reenae Miller

4th:    Mary Purdom


Health Certifications within School Building

Renaee Miller (CPR, AED, and First Aid)

Misty Thompson (CPR and AED)

Kelly Mayo (CPR and AED)

Teresa Cozart (CPR and AED)

Heather Anderson (CPR and AED)

Andrew Briggs (CPR and AED)

Nurse Jill McKamey-School Nurse (when available)



Crisis Management Team:

·        Principal- Whitney Neeley-coordinate with emergency officials

·        Assistant Principal-Susan Huff- coordinate with emergency officials

·        Counselor- Jean Williams- media relations and direct parents to checkout locations

·        Office Personnel- Reenae Miller, Mary Purdom, and Susan Thurber- assist parents in checking out students

·        Teachers- Benecia Chesnutt, Linda Gilmore, Lorielle Carothers, Ali Vincent (all are subject to availability)- assist teachers with students

·        Nurse- Be available for first aid if needed

·        Assistants- help locate students if needed








Safety Plan Chain of Command

1.   Whitney Neeley, Principal

2.   Susan Huff, Assistant Principal

3.   Teresa Cozart, Title One Teacher

4.   Jean Williams, School Counselor

5.   Patricia Bowling (1) or Teresa Cozart (1)/Jake Roberts(4) or Jimmy Yates (5), Upper and Lower grade teachers




School Safety Management Plan


The purpose of this document is to provide school personnel with a guide to be used as a resource in case of any emergency. IN NO WAY SHALL THIS DOCUMENT BE CONSTRUED TO TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER THE GOOD JUDGMENT OF THOSE KEY OFFICIALS RESPONSIBLE FOR RESPONDING TO AN EMERGENCY SITUATION.   This guideline does not address or encompass full business recovery or resumption of all operations; as such activities could require decisions, contractual relations, and commitment of resources that have major budgetary implications.


IN AN EMERGENCY, THE PRIMARY CONCERN IS TO TAKE ALL APPROPRIATE AND REASONABLE ACTIONS TO PROTECT THE SAFETY OF CHILDREN AND STAFF.   The principal is responsible for assuring that each person within his/her school can be accounted for and that aid is being given to those requiring medical attention.


If necessary, the principal shall take steps to organize the orderly release of students to authorized persons (sheriff’s deputies, fire, ambulance, emergency mgmt., parents, family, etc.) If practical, every effort will be made to immediately contact the parent or guardian of each person, student, or staff member injured or requiring aid.


Until outside assistance arrives, the principal shall take reasonable steps to preserve and protect the life and safety of those under his/her administration





Responding to Extreme Emergencies Requiring 911


I.             The first responsible person or their designee will:

a.   call 911

b.   Stay on the phone until all needed services have been requested. The caller should state what he/she needs (sheriff, ambulance, or both.) Be simple, but specific in your directive.

II.      The principal and on-site emergency personnel will be notified.       

          (May push call button to notify office if need be.)

III.          The Central Office must be notified as soon as possible after any calls are made for sheriff, fire, or ambulance service. It is the responsibility of the principal or site administrator to ensure that notification is made. The principal or designee should notify the Central Office at 684-3284, extension 2200 or 2220. The principal or designee will request that bus assistance be notified if the emergency is deems necessary.

IV.         If possible, the principal or site administrator will direct and/or assist emergency personnel responding to any given situation.

V.          The principal or site administrator shall enact any emergency evacuation procedures that are appropriate for the situation.



All classrooms have a critical incident bag situated by the classroom door. This bag contains various items which may be needed in case of building evacuation. There are rubber gloves, band aids, tissues, antibacterial “wet ones,” alcohol prep pads, a pencil, a Quick reference card for Emergency procedures, emergency phone numbers for all students, a blank “sign-out” sheet, student rosters, a red folder containing students with medical situations, and a leader’s identification vest so that the teacher may be easily spotted. The red folder is to alert first responders to children with medical conditions that could be life threatening. There is a flip chart with the various emergency situations listed and what to do in case of each. Listed on the flipchart are: tornado, controlled dismissal, hard and soft lockdown, bomb threat, fire, and medical situations.



Distress Codes


Hard Lockdown:


All students go to the nearest classroom for a code white drill.-All students enter the nearest safe classroom immediately. This code indicates the presence of a SERIOUS DANGER, such as an armed intruder.

  • Teachers are responsible for      ensuring the security of all students as quickly and thoroughly as      possible. Personnel are designated      to check particular areas (restrooms, etc.)
  • Receptionist call 911 and SRO, Officer      Farrell.
  • Custodians lock outside doors.
  • Principal or designee calls Code      White and notifies Central Office.
  • Asst. Principal locates all      available information pertinent to situation
  • 2nd grade restrooms- Second Grade Teacher      Assistant
  • 4th grade restrooms –      Fourth Grade T.A.
  • 5th grade restrooms-      Office Personnel
  • 3rd grade restrooms-Third      Grade T.A.
  • Guidance Area- School Counselor
  • Cafeteria Breezeway      restrooms-Custodians or Cafeteria Personnel
  • Cafeteria-Cafeteria Manager
  • Computer Lab and Learning Lab-Computer      Lab T.A. or Learning Lab T.A.
  • Teacher Workroom-K/1 Grade- T.A.
  • Gym and locker rooms- All PE      Teachers


Soft Lockdown -All students return to their homeroom for a code white drill.” Follow the same procedures as above, except return to homerooms.


Crisis Management Team will come around to each room and advise the teachers of the situation when it is possible.



(name the location)-medical situation-Clear hallways and vicinity of the code blue area immediately. Privacy for the sick or injured person and easy access for EMS personnel will be priorities.

  1. Teacher      will notify the front office of medical situation.
  2. Principal      or designee will contact 911, if necessary. A designee will direct the      medical personnel to the closet entrance to the medical situation.
  3. Nurse      will be paged to location of the medical situation. If the nurse is not in the building,      office staff will call the nurse.
  4. Office      staff will notify the parent(s) of the student involved.
  5. Office      staff will make copies of Individual Health Plan and any relevant papers      for EMS personnel upon arrival.








Building evacuation for Fire/Bomb threat


Evacuation Plan: (posted by each classroom door)

Fire Drill:

The fire drill alarm will be pulled (once per month, twice during the first month of school) Teachers will lead their students out of harm’s way. All doors will be closed and lights turned out.  Take grade book (roll book) in your emergency bag with you and take roll. Remain outside until announcement is made to return to the building.

Nurse and front office personnel will be responsible for student information and medical needs.


Bomb Threat search teams and responsibilities:

Principal: Call Central Office and evacuate building. Assist in Searches.

Asst. Principal: Assist Law enforcement with search

Team One: Custodian ESL Teacher (Monitor the K-2 hallway)

Team Two: PE Teachers and Music teacher (Monitor the gym building)

Team Three: Title I Teachers (Monitor the 3rd and 5th grade pods)

Team Four: Librarian, Art, and School Counselor (Monitor 4th grade pod, library and cafeteria)



Chemical spills or hazardous fumes


Level 2 evacuation: (posted by each door)

In the event of hazardous fumes or other threat which requires evacuation farther from the building, announcement will be made to proceed to the area behind the 3-5 playground.

·        Principal will call for evacuation and call Central Office

·        Assistant Principal will monitor situation and give updates

·        Teachers will take their roll books and assemble their class in an orderly fashion in their designated area behind the playground. Use discretion as to where you exit the building. Avoid any area you deem dangerous. (i.e. propane tank in back)

·        All students will exit to the football field area unless otherwise announced.

·        Principal will direct students to the middle school parking lot for loading buses to Community High School if necessary. If there are emergency personnel to assist students and teachers, we will walk to Community High School if the need to evacuate is great.


***Community Elementary School has made arrangements with Community High School to use their facility in the event of campus evacuation. In the event that we evacuate to Community High School, we will exit out the Colored Square side of the building and walk to the High School. If the chemical spill is located between the elementary and high school, then Rover Baptist Church would be the alternate site for evacuation. Nurse and front office personnel will be responsible for student information and medical needs as well as getting the Emergency Evacuation Wagon.




Weather related


Tornado Drill:

The principal will conduct at least two drills in the spring.

·        Principal will give the warning signal on the intercom (in the event of power failure, a portable amplifier will be used in the hallways.) Principal will communicate with Central Office and emergency officials.

·        Students go to assigned areas in hallways. Avoid halls which open to the outside. They become wind tunnels when the doors are blown out. Select windowless rooms in the core area of the building, if at all possible. Close your doors.


Direct students to assume a position that affords the best protection: Sitting with knees up, head down, and hands covering head, or a kneeling position can also be used with head down and hands covering head.


Keep groups together until authorized to move back to the classroom or elsewhere.

·        Teachers should account for all students. Critical Incident bag and grade book should be with teachers.

·        Teachers’ Assistants and custodians will assist classes in hallways

·        Assistant Principal and librarian will monitor weather updates in the library.










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